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The New Rina Recommends is NOT A MAILER! YOU ARE HERE to Learn The Techniques I use and Apply Them at Your Business Model!



What about that Cash Flow?

RinaRecommends, today thru MySurfBizPlus Cash Flow is Extremely Important to Keep your Business from Dying! By Adapting to Subscription only and a 20% P & L Model to do so Subscriptions is the logical course of action to create your Dynamic model! We all love the 10.00 or 20.00 Lifetime OTOs or even a bit more expensive 77.00 or the 97.00 types which I was forced to close. The older versions of MySurfBiz, Rina Recommends a few sites I took over and made the business decision to close, represent the STATIC model. Cash Flow is Extremely Important to Keep your Business from Dying! Rina Recommends Today Is not a mailer but a support site created especially for MySurfBizplus members to help train and reprogram the years of programming of traffic exchanges and safelist marketing tactics that simply do not work in today's ever-changing technology. What worked five years ago is not compliant today! Mysurfbizplus is compliant and scalable.

Why is MySurfBizPlus Allowed To Take PayPal But not Rina Recommends

RinaRecommends MSBP is allowed to register with PayPal thru our technology partners as an SEO and Consulting site therefore unlike all the Traffic Exchanges and Safelists we will be able to take PayPal but not here at Rina Recommends!


By Supporting our Main Site and enjoying many technological endorsements, we can bring to our member's affordable prices. (MySurfBizPlus branded for the individual member with their name Cpanel and a FREE domain) While Our MySurfBizPlus Engineers are working on replicating your MSBP site with your custom domain creating your Cpanel and customizing your MSBP Mobile App we at Rina Recommends will work with you on your personal network "old school" with my assistants and get you on the right track

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RinaRecommends Free Vouchers for MySurfBizplus are Available by personal Request only and must be either contacted directly to by myself or by one of msbp members I maybe reached at rina@msbpsupport.com or one of our MySurfBizPlus members. Each request will be evaluated and determined on a case by case basis. MySurfBizPlus is a once in a lifetime business opportunity, and I am very excited to have all of you here. I want to give everyone a chance, however, please keep in mind that I do not want to waste resources and give this gift to someone who will not be able to stay with us. Space is limited and is on a first come first serve basis.


RinaRecommends Is Built To Guide and Support MySurfBizPlus Members Our SEO and Technology Giant Partners Only Provide Reports and Prediction by Reports! Numbers do not Lie!


RinaRecommends Is a Brand Booster For MySurfBizPlus


RinaRecommends Down Load The MSBP Mobil App Available on 11/24/16


RinaRecommends is Targeted: Our Member Use The Shuffle Network or SEO With MySurfBizPlus Mobile Apps (Android Apple) Facebook.


Downline Builder: Exclusively Reserved for MySurfBizPlus Members

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